Why The Owl Is Not Fit To Be Pet

Why The Owl Is Not Fit To Be Pet

rogerspets.co.uk On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion of the Reasons Why Owls Are Not Suitable to Be Pets, Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information about the reasons why Owls Are Not Suitable To Be A Pet. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the reasons why owls don’t fit into pets

1. Owls need a large room and are not confined in a cage
Owls are not easy pets for beginners. What you should know, owls need a large room and cannot be confined in a cage, explains the Spruce Pets page. You can maintain it inside the house and provide access to a bathtub that must always be clean. Why?

Owls need to clean their fur regularly. If the fur is dirty, when flying, its wings will make a sound. In the wild, the owl flies silently without a sound so that its prey is unaware of its presence. In addition, they need to fly often, not tying their legs constantly.

2. Owls eat meat, can live or die
Unlike ornamental birds such as lovebird, owls cannot be fed grains, pellets or fresh vegetables and fruit. Owls are carnivores, in the wild they hunt for food. They usually eat mice, small rabbits, small chickens to guinea pigs.

You can feed on living or dead conditions. In addition, you can also give raw beef or chicken.

But, this option is not for the long term, because owls prefer to eat animals in intact conditions. “It is not recommended to give him worms, insects or snails,” said The Barn Owl Trust page.

3. Is an independent animal
In the wild, owls are solitary and independent animals. They used to live and hunt alone, or together with their spouses and children. This nature makes owls often attack other people (besides their owners) because it is considered a threat, explained the Spruce Pets page.

Owls are emotionally attached to their owners, especially if properly cared for. That is why, when we fall ill and cannot treat them, they will become stressed and depressed. Owls will be more stressed if they are transferred to another owner because they consider the owner to be a family.

4. Demand a lot of attention from the owner
Although he looks cute and adorable, owls are attention seekers. They need and demand a lot of attention from their owners.

Owls will screech loudly to be heeded and obeyed, “explained the Eden page. And they will be stressed if ignored.

This will be a problem if you live in a densely populated environment. Loud owl sounds will disturb the comfort of neighbors.

Owls will be more noisy when the breeding season arrives. In fact, they will do it day or night. That’s why owls aren’t too suitable for pets.

5. Feathers often fall out, must be diligently cleaned
The owl’s beautiful feathers will fall out and change every year. They also often spit out pellets, which are undigested foods, such as bones, feathers, claws and teeth. Fur and pellets must be discarded and cleaned immediately, because it is not good for the health of owls, explained the page Bird Eden.

FYI, according to the Owl Pages page, the process of changing hair takes up to 3 months. Don’t forget to clean the dirt. When defecating, owls will clean ceca, which is located at the end of the intestine every day. The smell is quite pungent and the consistency is semi-solid.

6. In some areas, raising owls requires special permission
Maintaining owls can not be careless. In the United States, owls are classified as wild animals and potential owners must be trained before getting a license to keep. Based on the rules of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, if we fail or break the rules, the owl will be taken and put in captivity.

Permission to keep owls in the United States is very strict and is only given to people who aim to breed birds or make it an educational program, said the Bird Eden page. In Indonesia, owls should not be kept because they are wild animals, although they are still commonly found in animal markets.

7. So, do you still want to keep owls?
With all due consideration and consequence, the final choice is yours. According to Diyah Wara Restiyati, chairman of The Owl World of Indonesia, of the 58 species of owls in Indonesia, only 16 of them are protected by law. In fact, many owls are sold, both on the market or online.

Besides being more active at night, the appearance of owls also sometimes looks scary, even in some places considered a symbol of death, how come? Let’s find out the explanation together!

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1. Their heads cannot rotate 360 ​​degrees
Many people say that the owl’s head can rotate 360 ​​degrees. However, it is only a myth. As reported by the Mental Floss page, owls can rotate their necks up to 135 degrees in both directions so that their total head can rotate 270 degrees.

Will this make the owl hurt? Take it easy. Adaptation of bones, blood vessels with contractile reservoirs, and tissue of blood vessels owned by owls allows them to rotate their heads 270 degrees without the need to feel pain.

2. Has tubular eyes
Besides the head that can spin, owls are also known for their large eyes. For some people, the eyes of an owl might be scary, especially if we see it at night.Uniquely, unlike other birds that have spherical eyes, owls have tubular eyes so that their eyes are fixed in place. Because of this shape, owls have to turn to be able to look the other way.

3. Even so, myopic owls are close
In addition to unusual shapes, owl eyes are designed to see in the dark. The shape of this eye also allows owls to see in distant circumstances. In contrast, owls are very bad when they have to see their prey up close.

When flying closer, the prey will look blurry to the owl. Well, in order to still be able to catch their prey, owls use small feathers on the beak and legs to be able to feel the presence of prey.

4. However, they have super hearing
Like most animals that hunt at night, owls have a very sharp sense of hearing. They can hear sounds from under the leaves, the ground, even snow. An owl can even hear the sound of mice stepping on a branch from a height of 23 meters.

5. Owls can also turn into cannibals
Basically, owls are carnivores. Usually their favorite prey is mice, insects, or other small mammals.Even so, it is not uncommon for owls to prey on eagles or deer, even owls of a different kind. This habit of preying on one another is what later led to the decline in owl populations throughout the world.

6. Being a symbol of victory as well as a sign of death
In ancient Greek belief, owls were companion animals to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Besides that, Athena was a soldier. The existence of owls themselves is often used as a symbol of protection as well as victory.

Not surprisingly, many Greek soldiers thought the presence of owls during the war was a symbol of victory. However, not everyone considers the owl is a lucky animal.For Javanese, the presence of owls is considered a sign of death. While many consider this a myth, others believe it.