Unusual Animals That Used to Be Pets

Unusual Animals That Used to Be Pets

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Having a pet is really fun. There are many benefits that we can get. We no longer feel lonely, there are reasons to go home, to practical benefits such as repelling rats, pests, etc. The habit of raising animals has existed since prehistoric times, you know! They adopted animals in the wild to become hunting partners. The tradition continues to be passed down and evolved to the present. Cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, and fish are some of the popular animals used as pets today. Then what about the historical and prehistoric times? What animals were the people’s favorite pets at the time? Check out the following!

1. Wolf in prehistoric times
Wolves were the most popular pets in ancient times, precisely in prehistory. Reporting from the page Pedigree, they managed to tame the wolf and make it a friend to hunt in the wild.

In addition, wolves also play a big role in attracting transportation, herding cattle, and becoming friends with humans. It turns out that the domesticated wolf became the dog we know today.

2. Duck in Ancient Greek times
In this modern era, ducks are usually raised as livestock. To take the meat as food. But that does not apply to the people of Ancient Greece. The women at that time were very fond of ducks as pets.

These birds are given privileges like cats and dogs. They are free to roam in the house to eat in the same place as the employer. Not only ducks, they also usually keep chickens, geese and other poultry.

3. Snakes in Ancient Roman times
Maintaining reptiles is no stranger to this time. It turns out that it was started by the people of Ancient Rome. They use snakes to repel rats and other pests at home.

Snakes that are kept must be tamed and trained so they can live together with humans. They will not attack even if they sleep together with the children, are stroked, or even stepped on.

4. Serval or big cat in ancient Egypt
The strong relationship between humans and cats turned out to have been running for 10 thousand years, namely since the days of Ancient Egypt. But the cat they keep is not the cat we usually see today.

Ancient Egyptians preferred to keep large or serval cats domesticated from the forest. The species is large, manly, strong, pointed-toothed, and has a tiger-like complexion.

At that time, pet cats were very respected. According to the page Ancient.eu, people will save the animal first when a disaster occurs. Pet cats are also used as mummies when they die and are paired together with their employers.

5. Gold fish in China
Gold fish is one of the animals that are often used as pets. It turned out that the first to do it was Chinese society.

Not only because of their beauty, they also respect the fish. Reporting from the Ranker, emperor Zhu Yuanzhang kept his pet golden fish in a porcelain cup which has now evolved into an aquarium.

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6. Eels in Ancient Rome
In addition to snakes, ancient Roman society also like to keep eels better known as Muraena. Only rich people can have these animals. They usually place eels in fancy pools.

Reporting from Mental Floss, some families finally made the eel food. While some actually train their eels to become carnivores. They will give the rebel slave to the pet.

7. Baboons in Ancient Egypt
Looking after baboons may sound strange to you. But this is a practice commonly practiced by the people of Ancient Egypt. Unfortunately, these primates are not treated properly.

Reporting from National Geographic, many archaeologists have found baboon skeletons with broken legs and arms, fractured bones everywhere, and deformed shells. This indicates that the animal was tortured during his lifetime. That’s a number of animals that were used as pets in ancient times. Are you interested in maintaining them?