Unique Facts About Saint Bernard

Unique Facts About Saint Bernard

rogerspets.co.uk Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information about the interesting facts about Saint Bernard Dogs. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the Interesting Facts of the Saint Bernard Dog

1. It used to be a rescue dog in a snowy area
Long before being known as the main character in the film Beethoven, Saint Bernard’s dogs were used as rescue dogs. This large dog helps monks pass through dangerous areas in the Alps after a snowstorm, sometime in the early 18th century, said the Smithsonian.com page.

Within a period of two centuries, Saint Bernard’s dogs were credited with saving more than 2,000 lives, from children to soldiers who were lost during a snowstorm. Saint Bernard has a high resistance to cold temperatures and extreme weather and is physically strong. No wonder Saint Bernard became the perfect rescue dog.

2. Is a large dog
Despite being large, Saint Bernard is not a very active or high-energy dog. They are quiet, calm indoor dogs. However, do not forget to take him for a walk as a form of routine exercise. In addition, Saint Bernard is not an aggressive dog despite its large size.

3. Friendly with children
Looking for a dog that is suitable for children? Saint Bernard is the right choice! This dog likes to stay indoors with families who love them. Its gentle, patient and friendly nature makes it suitable for children. Even so, this dog is not too playful and prefers to be lazy than play.

Its dense fur and body size make, Saint Bernard Dog suitable for cuddling. However, Saint Bernard is not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Because, children may be accidentally exposed to the tail wagging and make her cry, explained the Dog Time page. But, overall, Saint Bernard is a perfect family dog

4. Not suitable for living in hot climates
Saint Bernard came from a cold climate in the Alps in Europe. Therefore, this dog can not stand the hot atmosphere. When in the hot sun, Saint Bernard will be easily exhausted and weak. If so, take this dog to a shady and cool place, then give enough water.

Preferably, keep Saint Bernard in a room with a cooler so they won’t be tormented by the hot air. If forced to move outside the room and are exposed to sunburn, Saint Bernard will have a heat stroke and can fall ill later, said the page of India Pups.

5. What are the bad habits of the Saint Bernard dogs?
Every dog ​​is equipped with strengths and weaknesses, including Saint Bernard. This dog has a bad habit of drooling, said the Dog Time page. They can at any time drool and dirty the floor with saliva. This drooling habit arises when they are daydreaming and opening their mouths.

Another bad habit is that it tends to be dirty. They like to play in mud or dirt, so they can leave dirty traces on the floor of our house. Not to mention, the thick fur can fall out at any time and make our floors dirty. So, you must be diligent in cleaning it!

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6. Sadly, they can get this health problem!
Each dog has a different risk of health problems. They are at risk of hip dysplasia, a condition where the femur does not fit into the hip joint. In addition, Saint Bernard is also susceptible to elbow dysplasia, joint looseness because bones grow differently and cause lameness, said the Dog Time page.

This dog is also at risk of entropion, a condition in which the eyelids roll inward and can irritate the eyeball. Saint Bernard is also susceptible to epilepsy, allergies, gastric-volvulus dilatation (GDV) to dilated cardiomyopathy. To avoid this disease, you must be diligent to check-up to the doctor and maintain his health condition!

7. This dog is also prone to obesity, you know!
Large body requires nutritional intake that is no less large. At least Saint Bernard needs to eat 5-6 cups of high-quality dry food, which is divided into 2-3 meals. This portion is not absolute because it depends on age, body size, metabolic system and level of activity, explained the Dog Time page.

As a result of eating fondly, Saint Bernard is vulnerable to obesity. Therefore, the owner must balance it by inviting him to exercise regularly. Obese dogs will increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory and heart problems. Not much different from humans, huh?

Well, that’s 7 interesting facts about the dog Saint Bernard, the main character in the film Beethoven. Interested in making this dog your best friend?