The Wild Beast Belgian Malinois

The Wild Beast Belgian Malinois On this occasion we will provide a number of articles relating to discussions about the ferocious BelgianMalinois. And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review about the ferocious Belgian Malinois

1. Including large dogs
Belgian Malinois is categorized as a large dog. Female dogs can grow 55.9-60.9 cm tall and weigh between 18-27 kg. Meanwhile, male dogs can grow 60.9-66 cm tall and weigh between 27-36 kg, said the American Kennel Club page.

His body was sturdy, sturdy and strong. Strong muscles, has a slim stature with short hair. The color of the feathers varies from yellowish brown to mahogany, occasionally with a black hue. His ears were erect and showed vigilance. His eyes are dark brown and radiate intelligence.

2. At first glance looks like a German shepherd dog, it turns out different!
At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish between German shepherd dogs and Belgian Malinois. Both dogs have similar body measurements, erect ears, dark brown eyeballs, black pointed snouts and brown-black fur. But apparently both are different dog species!

Apparently, German shepherd dogs have heavier weights, which are 22.6-34 kg for females and 29.4-40.8 kg for males, said the All Things Dogs page. In addition, Belgian Malinois fur is shorter and thinner than thicker German shepherd dogs. The difference also lies in age, where the Belgian Malinois life span is longer.

3. Is a type of dog that is very active and likes to move
It is predictable that Belgian Malinois dogs are active and like to move. If a normal dog is enough to take a walk in the afternoon, not so with Belgian Malinois. This dog is very energetic and takes more than 1 hour to move every day, said the page of All Things Dogs.

That’s why, Belgian Malinois can be a suitable partner for running, hiking and biking. This dog is superior in training that requires agility, tracking, grazing of livestock and activities that require other physical strength, explained the American Kennel Club.

4. Often used as working dogs and cattle herders
When traced back to the past, Belgian Malinois was deliberately raised as a working dog. This began in the 18th century, near the city of Malines, Belgium, said the Pet Health Zone website. Not only that, Belgian Malinois is also suitable as a cattle shepherd. This dog can herd cattle effectively because of its intelligence.

Strong stamina makes Belgian Malinois enjoy the work. In addition, this dog is very active and excels in many fields. No wonder the Belgian Malinois is involved in police work, such as in the field of tracking, searching, rescue and attacking in dangerous situations, explained Dog Time website.

5. Belgian Malinois classified as Alpha Dog
Did you know that dogs are classified according to their temperament? There are 3 types of categories, namely alpha, beta and omega. Belgian Malinois dogs are classified as alpha dogs. This refers to the hierarchy in the wolf group, where the alpha leader is the biggest and most powerful male wolf who becomes the leader in the group.

Belgian Malinois considers us and family members at home like wolves. Therefore, these dogs need a firm and dominant owner to be their leader. If not, this dog will dominate, refuse to follow orders and can be aggressive.

6. Not recommended for dog owners who are beginners or inexperienced
Not just anyone can keep a Belgian Malinois dog. This is because it is intelligent, even tends to be stubborn and manipulative. If the owner is less dominant, Belgian Malinois will tend to rebel and not obey the owner’s order. This dog is recommended for experienced people.

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In addition, because this dog has high energy, it is not recommended to maintain Belgian Malinois in a narrow space. If not, this dog will tend to be destructive and damage the objects around him. The owner must regularly invite this dog to exercise in the open space every day.

7. Have instinct to protect the owner and property
In a way, Belgian Malinois is a dog that is loyal to its owner. They have basic instincts to protect their owners and properties. Therefore, this dog is very suitable to be used as a guard dog. Don’t be surprised because Belgian Malinois is so aggressive with people they consider foreign, they don’t even hesitate to bite!’

If you want this dog to be more friendly, the owner must train him from a small age. Introduce dogs to family members and let these dogs socialize with other pets. Give assertiveness to Belgian Malinois when they begin to show aggression or start biting.

Well, that’s a fact about Belgian Malinois dogs that have been talked about lately. Remember, it is not recommended to maintain Belgian Malinois, unless you are experienced with dogs, yes!