The Pets That Once A Wild Beast

The Pets That Once A Wild Beast this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion about Wild Animals Now Being Pets. Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to wild animals that are now pets and in This time we will provide a number of articles that discuss and review about wild animals that are now pets

1. Sugar gliders
Did you know that this cute little nan was originally a wild animal? Sugar gliders belong to marsupial animals that are still related to kangaroos. In the beginning, they lived in the forest a lot, precisely in the tall, hollow trees.

But now, sugar gliders have been domesticated until they become home animals. Maintenance is not difficult. They don’t smell, are very clean, and don’t need to be bathed. For food, you must provide fruit and vegetables combined with animal supplements.

But you need to give them houses with tree trunks so they can adapt well. Also keep in mind that sugar gliders are nocturnal animals. So don’t be surprised if they are more active at night.

2. Change the fennec
Big ears and sparkling eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with a fox fennec. They are the smallest and most docile fox species so it is not a difficult thing to get used to living with humans.

His personality is similar to dogs and cats. They like to play, friendly, active, and interact with humans. Even so, they include animals with high maintenance. This means you have to be extra patient and careful in caring for him.

They still have strong wild instincts so they are prone to escape. Fennec foxes are also nocturnal animals so they can be noisy at night.

3. Snake
Snake has its own charm so many people who want to make it a pet. Even so, not all types of snakes can be maintained. You can only treat species that are not poisonous.

In addition, the snake must also be tamed beforehand so that it can be comfortable near humans. If you are a beginner, you should choose corn snake, rosy boa, garter snake, or kingsnake. They are quite docile and don’t need complicated care.

4. Wallaby
Wallaby is a marsupial animal that lives in Australia. Until now many wallaby actually live in the forest, precisely in the bushes, swamps, and grasslands. But these cute animals have been tamed and made into pets.

Kangaroo-like animals need a large space to be able to play and run. They also like to play hide and seek, so make sure you have bushes for them.

Although relatively easy to maintain, wallaby has a number of strange habits. For example drooling, licking hands, and spewing food. Well, you as an employer must get used to it, yes!

5. Skunks
Have you ever seen anyone who keeps skunks? This wild animal is rarely seen in Indonesia but is now quite popular as a pet with permission in advance. Then how can those people stand it with the smell?

Reporting from The Active Times, skunks that will be nourished will be taken by the glands so that they will not emit a disturbing aroma. As a pet, skunks love attention and affection. Then don’t hesitate to pet and play with it, yes!

6. Weasel
Formerly, weasels are considered pests because they like to steal food and disturb livestock. But who would have thought, it turns out this one animal can be a sweet pet. In fact, there are already many people who maintain weasels in Indonesia.

They are animals that have high curiosity and loyalty. But weasels are also shy, so you have to understand if they are often alone. Especially if the condition of your house is crowded.

7. Iguanas
Iguanas are the next wild animal that is often used as pets. This reptile actually lives in the desert and forest. This can be seen from the characteristics of his body. He has sharp claws so he can perch on a tree. The color also adjusts to the habitat.

Although it looks fierce and frightening, actually iguanas are harmless, even relatively benign. They are generally herbivores, but there are also insectivors. Maintenance is very easy. You just need to give it a wide cage or take it off in a closed park.

8. Serval cats
Serval cats are jungle cats with a body that is much bigger than ordinary cats. They are different from the Savannah, Bengal and Ashera cats that have been domesticated and mated with domestic breeds. Serval really comes from the wild.

Therefore, the treatment is different. Serval has a strong instinct of wild animals, so they still want to hunt, run, and climb. Therefore, people who maintain it must have a house with a large garden. That way, Serval will not feel constrained.

Well, if you are interested in raising animals above, you have to research a lot beforehand. Look for what they like and don’t like, an environment that is suitable for nurturing, and how to care.

Caring for animals requires commitment and responsibility, especially for domesticated wild animals. Make sure you really take responsibility when caring for it, yes!