The Cloudy Samoyed

The Cloudy Samoyed On this occasion we will provide several articles relating to the discussion about Samoyed Dog The Dog From the Cloud, Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to Samoyed Dogs The Dog From the Clouds, And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review about the Samoyed Dog the Clouds

1. Originally bred as a sheepdog
Before becoming a family pet dog like now, Samoyed deliberately bred to herd cattle. Not only that, Samoyed was also bred to transport sledges and was used for hunting by Samoyed people in northwestern Siberia, the Dog Time website said.

Although no longer used as a shepherd, in fact Samoyed’s instinct as a shepherd dog is still left until now. Not infrequently, when playing with small children, Samoyed will unwittingly try to change and move them in different directions.

2. Nicknamed as ‘the smiley dog’
In addition to his friendly and cheerful nature, Samoyed is also often dubbed as ‘the smiley dog’. This is because the shape of his face that makes him smile every time. When Samoyed stuck out his tongue, the shape of his mouth would be pulled up and make it look like he was smiling pleasantly.

Not only that, when Samoyed smiled, his eyes would look radiantly friendly and ears became erect indicating alertness and intelligence. No wonder the Samoyed is often used as the family’s favorite dog.

3. Even so, Samoyed is a bad watch dog
Behind his friendly and carefree nature, Samoyed is not fit to be a watch dog. This is because Samoyed is too friendly and easy to get along with strangers. In addition, Samoyed also has a gentle nature and less aggressive. Not only Samoyed became the worst guard dog, but also the Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever and Basset Hound.

But, of course, a dog’s personality can change depending on the circumstances, the environment and who the person looks after. A cheerful and friendly Samoyed can turn into shy, lazy and aggressive as a result of being ignored and treated badly, said the Samoyed Club of America website.

4. Is an active dog and needs exercise every day
You could say, Samoyed is an extroverted dog. Samoyed loves being around humans, is very active and has high energy. Samoyed enjoys being trained and invited to exercise. If left alone, Samoyed will become a lazy dog ​​and make it obese.

I was so active, sometimes if left unchecked, Samoyed would look for his own activities which he felt were fun. Like playing with children, running around in the backyard or even digging the ground. The latter is arguably annoying and must be accustomed to stopping.

5. Has thick fur that keeps it warm in cold weather
Because it comes from Siberia, Samoyed dogs have a physical that can adapt to cold environments. Samoyed has a dense, thick double coat. The top layer contains long, coarse, straight and white hair. The top layer keeps the bottom layer clean and free of dirt.

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Meanwhile, the lower layer consists of thick, soft and short hair that will keep it warm. Male Samoyed usually has thicker fur than female Samoyed. All of this keeps it warm despite living in extreme environmental conditions.

6. However, Samoyed has a genetically inherited disease condition
You need to maintain the health condition of the Samoyed dog, because this breed has a genetically inherited disease. This disease is known as hereditary glomerulopathy which is a kidney disease. This disease is caused by a defect in the type IV collagen fibril structure of the glomerular base membrane.

Affected male samoyed will appear healthy in the first three months of life, but symptoms can appear afterwards and become worse. Little Samoyed will become lethargic. If left untreated it will become progressive kidney failure. Deaths from kidney failure usually occur at the age of 15 months.

7. Samoyed can live up to 12-13 years
Samoyed has a life expectancy of up to 12-13 years. However, beware of some diseases that can attack Samoyed. Like diabetes mellitus, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), short legs that occur together with eye disorders, lung stenosis to hip dysplasia.

FYI, lung stenosis is more common in Samoyed than in dogs from other breeds. This disease can cause shortness of breath, cardiac arrhythmias and fatigue while moving and increases the risk of heart failure. So, watch out for the disease if you have a dog from the Samoyed race, yes!