Mournful Death Of Pets

Mournful Death Of Pets On this occasion we will provide a number of articles relating to the discussion on Sad Death and Death of Pets, Some articles that we will present to you this time, can be very helpful if you want to find information related to Sad Grief of Death Pets And on this occasion we will provide several articles that discuss and review the Sadness of Pets Death

1. Humans mourn the death of their pets, because most of them already consider it as a family member
Reporting from, according to Leslie Irvine, a sociologist at the University of Colorado-Boulder is not surprising if someone grieves after losing a pet. That’s because pets are already considered family members.

As many as 68 percent of Americans have pets. The amount is 12 percent higher than pet ownership in 1988 which was then gaining in popularity.

2. Pet death is painful because it is a first experience left behind
The death of a pet becomes a painful experience because for most people it is the first experience. Understandably, most pets do not live as long as humans.

3. Many times pets have a more intimate relationship
Losing a pet is more traumatic than losing a family and friends, because pets share a more intimate relationship with us. We see it every day. He also depends on us. We also adjust our lives according to their needs.

Even though it is very painful, losing a pet is often not socially acceptable. That is, the public may not be able to understand the impact of his inner pain.

4. Animals are no longer just “accessories”, but become creatures that can love and be loved
Irvine said that human thinking has changed, from those who consider pets to be mere accessories to creatures that have taste. Pets become part of family members because they shape the way we live.

According to Irvine, many people wake up early just to take their dogs for a walk. Even if there isn’t him, getting up will be late. Not to mention a lot of activities carried out together, ranging from getting up early, eating, bathing and so forth. It feels like family.

5. Love hormone levels increase when meeting pets
Referring to, according to Cori Bussolari, a psychologist at the University of San Francisco, when someone looks into the eyes of a dog, both will experience increased levels of oxytocin or the love hormone. This hormone regulates social interactions with other creatures. Usually humans will release oxytocin when they become parents and see their newborn children.

For those of you who still have pets, take care and love them as best they can. He is there to serve you forever. If you die, that means he has already done his job. Animal lovers believe that he who dies will last forever in the “animal paradise”.

Sadness can come in many forms. Some people will cry more often and maybe some others need time to be alone. Secretly sadness can also turn into anger. Even so, you should still face the death of a pet calmly and not have to drag on.

Here are some steps to deal with pet death that might help you.

1. Recognize and accept the feeling of loss
This step is important so you can make peace with the sadness itself. Be honest with yourself how losing a pet can be painful. The reason is, some people try to cover up their loss by thinking that because the dead are “only” animals, there should not be sadness.

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This kind of thinking actually makes you worse off, because in your deepest heart, your pet has a special place in your life.

2. Divert attention from loss
Divert attention from the memory of your pet’s death by staying busy and doing your usual daily activities. This way sadness won’t drag on, and over time you can get used to the fact that your pet is gone.

3. Capture the moments with pets
You can write things about your pet in stories or poems, draw pictures, or write songs. Or plan your pet’s funeral. Some people choose to give donations in pet memories to animal shelters or even volunteer there. All of these ideas can help you retain good and happy memories.

4. Consultation with the therapist
If at the time of death your pet is also experiencing other serious problems, the sadness can feel overwhelming. For example you lose a pet when you are facing a parent divorce case. Therefore, it never hurts to consult with a therapist or psychologist to help you control the emotional turmoil that arises.

5. Plan to raise new animals
You will never forget your pet. However, over time the sad feeling will subside. When the time is right, you might be able to plan to raise new animals.