List of Successful Korean Food Business Ideas

List of Successful Korean Food Business Ideas – Nowadays more and more people want to be able to easily do a very profitable business, one of the profitable businesses is the food business. Business opportunities in the culinary field are very promising, one of which is by selling Korean specialties which are much favored by the Indonesian people, especially the younger generation. Millennials and Generation Z.

This food is a favorite of the younger generation because Indonesian people often watch Korean drama films or series. So, people began to recognize Korean food and wanted to taste it.

Because of that, many business people, especially those who like Korea, want to make a profit by doing the Korean food business. Here are some Korean food business ideas that you can choose from.

List of Successful Korean Food Business Ideas
1. Kimchi
Kimchi is one of the Korean foods and is very popular in Indonesia. Currently, in Indonesia, Kimchi is very easy to find in various Korean cafes and restaurants. Apart from being easy to make, in Korea this is a mandatory food.

The process of making Kimchi is also not too difficult and can last a long time. Therefore, this food can be a Korean food business idea.

As for Tteokbokki, which is also one of the Korean foods known in Indonesia because it often appears in Korean films or dramas. Usually, Indonesian people see this food a lot in movies, series, to Korean reality shows.

This then opens the opportunity to run a Korean food business that can be occupied.

3. Kimbab
Kimbab is a Korean food in the form of rice wrapped in seaweed. Because of this, then Kimbab is also called by the name of seaweed rice. Usually the filling for Kimbab in Korea is meat, vegetables and fish.

However, Kimbab stuffing in Indonesia can be changed and adjusted according to taste.

4. Bibimbap
The next Korean food business idea is Bibimbap. This Korean food is made with a variety of vegetable toppings and added with sunny side up eggs and then eaten together with a typical Korean sauce, namely gochujang.

Bibimbap is very suitable for Indonesian tongues because one of the main ingredients is rice.

5. Bungeoppang
Bungeoppang is a Korean food known in Indonesia as fish bread. This food is like a snack similar to a waffle, but in the form of fish and the filling is red bean paste.

Korean food is usually sold by street vendors in winter and at very affordable prices. To open this Korean food business idea, the capital is not too much but the opportunities are very promising.