Know the Reasons for Defective Casino Games

Know the Reasons for Defective Casino Games – There will be many best ways to be able to easily win casino gambling games with various options that have been tested and also become the best experience for many people. You have put valuable time and effort into your new acquisition program. You’ve convinced your boss, board and team of the need for new players. Now you are challenged to attract new players with a budget that fits and is comfortable.

Know the Reasons for Defective Casino Games

You do realize you have access to new players right under your nose, right? Unfortunately, they are also right under your competitors’ noses. But they are your players. What now? “Companies can increase profits by at least 25% by reducing customer defections by 5%” – Harvard Business Review.

Your goal is simple: get your players to play more at your casino while you get their players bestcreca to play more at your casino. Simple? Yes. Easy? Of course not. To achieve this, you really need to understand why most of the players defect. Then you will understand why your players are defecting and know how to fix it.

The Doctrine of the Defectors is as follows:

1. They die.
There’s not much you can do when part of your database has just expired, died, archived itself. It’s inevitable… it’s nature’s way of making sure you never get lazy with your new acquisition program. However, you can plan for it. Make sure you always follow your own 80/20 rule and know the percentage of your database that generates the largest revenue ratio.

John Romero, casino database marketing expert, once said, “You have to think of your player database as an escalator. New players are at the bottom of the list. As they become more loyal and raise their game, they begin to rise to the top. on. Of course one day, they’ll come to the end of the escalator and come down.”

Translation: You need to make people jump and ride your escalator longer.

2. They stay away.
How dare they. You spend so much time talking to them, implementing their advice, taking their brother-in-law to the buffet, giving them an offer when they forget their coupon… guts. You can try and implement a non-local/purposeful activation program to try and “keep in touch” with them. Some of these people may regularly return to visit friends and family, and one day, may even return.

The thought is actually pretty good. Imagine, you move but still get a letter from one of your favorite places to shop. “We’re sorry you’ve moved, but if you come back and visit, we’d love to see you again. And because we know your friends and family matter, we’re extending that offer to them too. It’s a bit of an incentive to let you know we miss you too!”

This is the problem with trying to reach back players who have moved on… How often do you keep in touch while they are playing? You risk trying harder to get them back than you did to keep them while they were here. Who will monitor the program? How many times did you send a letter before you gave up? And oddly enough, do you know why they moved, family… sick… new job? Again, if you don’t know your guests when they’re here, it’s probably too late.

3. Your competitors steal it.
Is it right? You didn’t choose to keep your players? You didn’t see it coming? You have no idea what your competitors are doing to lure your players… no conversations… no secret shopper programs… just surprises… hmm (have you read the first paragraph #2?).

Are you sure they didn’t just visit the competition… and never came back? How do your perceptions of your casino wins compare to theirs? Remember how aggressive you were to get new players? Three simple steps. Promise. deliver. Repeat. Seriously, what happened? I’ll go too.