How to Treat Betta Fish

How to Treat Betta Fish

How To Treat Betta Fish – You need to know that Betta fish have treatments look easy but sometimes difficult. Betta fish are divided into 3 groups, namely, ornamental bettas, complaint bettas, and wild bettas. Betta fish are very popular fighting fish because of their aggressiveness. In addition, the maintenance costs are relatively cheap and the characteristics are not interactive. The characteristics of betta fish include mouth breeders , namely, they incubate their eggs in their mouths and build their nests with foam, known as bubble nest. Usually this fish is very liked by young children.

In order to have a long life, find out how to care for ornamental betta fish here.

1. Choose the Right Container Size
Betta fish can live in any size tank, but it is best to keep them in small containers. For example, 20 x 15 x 15 cm in diameter. You can add small rocks or fake plants to make it look more colorful.

2. Water for Betta Fish
Caring for betta fish is highly recommended to use fresh water. Because, this type of water has characteristics that are not much different from the original habitat of Betta fish, namely, rice fields and swamps. However, if there is no well water, you can use only PAM water.Let the water sit in the bucket before adding the fish. Avoid using chloramine and chlorine as they are dangerous for Betta fish.3. How to care for a betta fish in terms of water volume
If you are using a container for a betta fish without a lid, you should only fill it with about 40% water. This is useful for avoiding the betta fish from jumping out.

4. How to Put Betta Fish in a New Container
Care for your betta fish must be done with care so that they do not die. Also, don’t change the water drastically. Better to mix the old water with the new one. This will make it easier for the betta to adjust to the water. Also avoid using fishing nets as this can damage the delicate fins.

5. Replacing Betta
Fish WaterLaunching from the Read On page , please first move the betta fish into a temporary storage container. Move the fish with a special sieve, do not use your hands as this can damage their beautiful fins and tail. The way to care for betta fish so they don’t die is to clean the fish container from dirt and mucus that sticks. Do not wash it with soap or detergent as this can poison the Betta fish. Just clean it with a sponge until it’s clean. If there are stones and other accessories, clean them too. When finished, please refill with water then wait a few moments so that the water is in accordance with room temperature. After that, please re-enter the betta fish. Change the water at least 3 days. You can also change the water every two days or even every day. It is said that betta fish will grow much better if we are diligent in changing the water every day.

6. Dry the Betta
How to care for a betta fish so that it has a good color is to dry it. This activity aims to make the fish fresher as well as kill bacteria and fungi that are on the skin and its container. Dry it occasionally, except for the dominant black betta fish. Should not be dried in the sun because it will make him panic. Drying is done at 8 to 10 am for just 15-30 minutes. If your betta looks panicked when he is drying in the sun, then quickly move it to the shade until he feels comfortable again.