How To Talk With Cat

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Do you have cats at home and have you ever invited them to ‘talk’? Communicating with cats can actually be done. Do you want to know how? Of course, communicating here is not in the sense of actually making a cat talk to you like a human. The key to successfully communicating with cats is consistency. Cats believe that they are our pets, so talking to a cat feels like chatting rather than dictating.

1. Meowing While Looking At You
There are many types of cat meongan in communication. When still a kitten, meongan aimed more at its mother. But when it grows bigger, cats meow to humans to show various intentions such as hunger, just greeting, feeling bored, or afraid.

2. Rolling and Lying on the Back Position
When the cat rolls around and lies on its back, showing its stomach, this indicates that your cat feels comfortable and safe near you. However, please note to be careful when you want to stroke his stomach. Cats can think you invited him to play, or you are even considered to interfere with his satisfaction relax, girls.

3. Stare fixedly, Blink, Then Stare Again
The cat that you meet or your pet cat often shows body language on this one? If a cat looks at you closely, blinks its eyes, then opens, and blinks again slowly, that means it trusts and cares for you. Next time respond to the way your cat communicates the same way to show that you love him too.

4. Sounds ‘Purr’
The sound of snoring or ‘purr’, which is the hallmark of this cat, indicates that your cat is happy and comfortable. However, this sound if it can come out when the cat feels sick, for example this sound is heard when the mother cat gives birth.

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5. Swiping His Body to Your Feet
This one cat behavior often makes his master feel resentful because it can make feet trip. Though the expression is shown by the cat to give its body odor, welcome you, and signify its affection.

6. Bringing Dead Mice
Maybe the meaning of this one cat’s behavior has become common knowledge. If your cat brings a dead mouse into the house, it indicates that he loves you by giving a mouse as a gift.

7. Cats massage when petted
When stroking the cat, have you ever felt the cat’s massage? This squeezing massage is a form of affection for the cat to its owner. The happier the cat, the stronger the massage will be accompanied by the ‘purr’ sound.