How to beautify bird feathers to be beautiful in view


rogerspets – You don’t just do the basic maintenance. For example, such as: providing food, drinking, bathing, drying and so on. However, you have to take care of your physical health as well, especially taking care of the canary feathers to keep it beautiful. Because one of the lack of care from Canaries is the feathers.

Most canaries that are poorly maintained have dull feathers. The cause of dull canary feathers, namely lack of oil or lack of fat. The beauty of the canary feathers is also so diverse, moreover, the feathers are always clean and shiny will definitely make the canary more beautiful and attractive. Usually, the color of a bright canary plumage and a glossy finish is closely related to proper care.

The provision of fresh vegetables which contain lots of betacarotin in it makes the canary feathers look shiny and charming. Birds in the wild have their own way of keeping their feathers healthy and strong. Namely in the form of dust / sand baths, rubbing ants on the hairs to get rid of fleas, and so on. Canaries that are kept in cages, including canaries, certainly cannot do all of this without the help of their owners. The following will review tips on caring for and beautifying canary feathers.

Causes of Dull Hair

Dull coat of a canary can be caused by a lack of production of feather gloss oil. Canaries have a small bump at the top of the base of the tail. When pressed, the lump will release fluid. The canary bird will apply this liquid to the feathers with the help of the beak. The age factor causes reduced oil production in canaries.

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Feed Appropriate

To beautify the feathers of the canaries must be given an appropriate feed. Several types of fruits and vegetables contain important elements that can help keep your coat healthy and keep it looking shiny. Like sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, red peppers, spinach, and lettuce. You can also mix your own feed ingredients to beautify the canary feathers. Green vegetables are also very important for the health of the walnuts or their fur. Green vegetables contain lots of vitamins and betacarotin which are very good for maintaining the brightness of walnuts so that they are smoother and don’t look dull.

Giving Fish Oil

In caring for or beautifying canary feathers, you should occasionally give fish oil that has been mixed into the feed. The giving step is by mixing fish oil in grains or vegetables or boiled quail eggs. But don’t overdo it, this is to maintain the condition of the canary’s feathers so that they look shiny and charming and for sure the feathers don’t look dull.

Walnuts Bath

Apart from the diet, another treatment pattern that is equally important is bathing and drying in the sun. Bathing walnuts is not enough by using fresh water alone, but can also be done by mixing certain ingredients, for example, as is done by walnut fans abroad. Bathing water mixed with lime can help clean the dirt and grease that sticks to the hair. So it makes walnut fur shinier and also healthier. Use five drops of lime in 1 liter of bath water. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 liter of canary bath water. This solution can help clean the dirt stuck to the hair. So it makes the hair cleaner and also looks more shiny. Apple cider vinegar can also be an antiseptic as well as an antiparasitic which is useful for preventing and treating lice / mites that live on the skin and also on walnut hair. Or you can also mix 1 gram of English salt into 1 liter of bath water. This solution can also help clean hair and kill bacteria attached to the skin and also on walnut hair. Besides that, it can also increase the activity of walnuts every day.