Easy Ways to Treat Sick Cats Without Going to the Doctor


Easy Ways to Treat Sick Cats Without Going to the Doctor – When our cat is sick, surely we will feel very dizzy and don’t know what to do. Cat health is number one when we love cats very much. When a cat is sick we will definitely take him straight to the hospital. But did you know that there is a first aid you can do when your cat is sick. Here’s the review

How to treat a sick cat without going to the doctor

1. Give Fresh Coconut Water

As is known, fresh coconut water itself has many benefits. Not only for humans, it turns out that fresh coconut water also has many benefits for animals, especially for cats who are experiencing certain illnesses.

Like a cat who experiences vomiting, a hot cat or fever, often sticks out his tongue, poisoning, and many other cat diseases that can be cured by fresh coconut water.

Various kinds of ion content in fresh coconut water itself is believed to be able to overcome these disorders. In addition, the ion content in coconut is also able to meet fluid needs and is very good for the cat’s body.

Therefore, fresh coconut water itself is very good to give to cats, not only when the cat is sick.

2. Give VCO Oil

In addition to fresh coconut water, it turns out that young coconut oil or known as VCO oil itself is very good for sick cats.

For pet cats that have blisters or bruises, and are exposed to fungal attacks, do not immediately take them to the doctor. Because VCO oil itself is able to overcome this problem.

3. Give Chicken Yolk Eggs

For cats who experience weakness, have no appetite, are too thin, and sleep a lot, then don’t immediately take them to the doctor.

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Because this problem can be overcome first by using raw chicken egg yolks. The high fat and protein content in raw chicken egg yolks alone is not only able to overcome these problems, but also very good for cats.

For the provision of raw chicken egg yolk itself can be mixed in cat feed or directly give it with a dropper.

Although this food is a little disliked by cats, but for those who want to overcome the problems above and the cat’s growth is good, then give this food regularly. So that the cat can grow and always be in good health.

4. Drink enough water

When a pet cat experiences weakness and vomiting or diarrhea, the first thing you can do is drink enough water.

This is certainly a very simple and very cheap way than having to take him to the doctor. Giving water to cats who are sick is able to heal without having to be given medicine or taken to the doctor.