Get to Know The Type of Typical Indonesian Alcohol –¬†Alcohol drinks are not only made from abroad, but only outside people can enjoy it, but also in our own country, Indonesia. It turned out that Indonesia also had several types of typical alcohol drinks.

Some types of traditional alcoholic beverages from Indonesia are tuak from Toba and Tapanuli, Tuak Nifaro from Nias, Lapen from Yogyakarta, Arak from Bali, Ballo from Makassar, Sopi from Maluku and NTT, and liquor stamp Mouse from Manado and Minahasa. The following reviews of a number of traditional liquor in Indonesia, which are summarized from various sources:

Tuak from Toba and Tapanuli

1. Tuak from Toba and Tapanuli

Tuak is an alcoholic drink that is often found in North Sumatra, especially Toba and Tapanuli. Local people usually require these drinks at every traditional Batak event, family events, and sold in Batak people’s warungs. Tuak is lafermeauxcactus also used as a banquet to guests in Toba and Tapanuli.

The process of making tuak comes from the trees of Enau and coconut which is taken by water, then fermented until it turns white with a distinctive smell. Tuak alcohol levels, according to research experts, are not as strong as beer and wine, so that if consumed in sufficient quantities will provide a calming effect of the central nerves. But if it is excessive, this liquor can cause drunk and result in loss of self-control.

2. Tuaknifaro from Nias

Tuo nifaro or tuak nias is a product of fermented water fermentation and aren which is then refined process to obtain 100 percent alcohol levels. A difficult and old manufacturing process makes Tuak Nias more rarely produced, even in his home region. Only the elders still make it, because they need patience.

Of the 20 liters of raw, it will only produce about 4 to 5 bottles of tuak flute. The quality of Tuak Nias is determined based on the class, the first class is with almost 100 percent pure alcohol content. Tuak Nias first class is rarely sold, otherwise someone who buys not to drink, but is used as a gout, gout and joint pain. Its use is sufficiently applied to the sick part, besides that Tuak Nias is also believed to be able to treat diabetes and strokes.

While for those taken, usually the third class Nias tuak. But rarely someone dares to take it directly because it must be mixed with water or tuak that has not been distilled. Usually one bottle of tuak nias is mixed with 5 raw teapots. The difficulty level of making, making Tuak Nias prices is quite expensive, the bottle is valued at Rp 200 thousand for the third grade, and Rp. 400 thousand for first class.

3. Lapen from Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta also has alcoholic liquor, Lapen is called. Not just any name, Lapen itself stands for directly dizzy. Lapen itself is a liquor that is the way to make a dioplos, with the main ingredients of alcohol and water and other ingredients such as herbal medicine and milk, or anything as long as the mixture can make a quick drunk or direct dizziness. Even though the price is populist, only five thousand in plastic packaging, sipping Lapen is very dangerous until it can cause death. Every year it is reported to dozens of people killed because of being determined to drink lapens.

4. Ballo from Jeneponto, South Sulawesi

Ballo drinks are commonly presented during the residents’ celebration, usually residents gather behind the house of the owner of the celebration while cooking dishes accompanied by a ballo drink. In Jeneponto, Ballo was quite easy to find, because many people made Ballo as the main income in the area.

Ballo is an alcoholic drink type of Tuak originating from the Bugis area, Makassar. Made from the fermentation of water, Enau, Nipah and Lontar. The local community usually collects the nira water and is accommodated into the container, then harbored the container in the ground for several days to make a ballo. Ballo is used by residents to eliminate cold sense, besides drinking a reasonable amount of ballo trusted by local communities can increase endurance.

Take Advantage of Using Social Media Marketing – Nowadays more and more people are using marketing to be able to make the business that is being run grow and get a lot of benefits. In simple terms, social media marketing is a form of marketing that uses social media with the aim of increasing sales. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to connect with audiences and aims to build a brand, increase sales, and increase website traffic. This can be done by sharing content on social media, interacting with audiences/followers, and advertising.

Take Advantage of Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategy for beginners

1. Set goals
Before getting into more technical stuff, you need to determine your goals for using social media. Is it for promotion? To serve customers? Or direct customers to the website? All of these things need to be determined before marketing on social media. It’s great to focus on one goal, unless you have a team where multiple members can take on different goals in their use of social media. For example, you have a marketing team whose members are tasked with promoting on social media, while other members are tasked with providing customer service.

2. Know your audience
Knowing who your audience is and what they want to see on social media is key to social media marketing. By knowing your audience, you can determine what forms of action are suitable for marketing on social media. For those of you who are still confused about determining the audience, don’t worry, you can use the 5W + 1H concept from Alfred Lua below.

Who are they? (For example, job title, age, gender, salary, location, etc.)
What are they interested in can you provide? (E.g. entertainment, educational content, case studies, information about new products, etc.)
Where do they usually hang out online? (For example Facebook, Instagram, or other social media)
When are they looking for the type of content you can provide? (For example, early morning, midday, late afternoon, weekend, or on weekdays)
Why do they consume the content? (For example to get better at their job, to be healthy, to stay up-to-date with something, etc.)
How do they consume the content? (For example reading social media posts, watching videos, etc.)
In addition, if you already have or are just starting a business but are still confused about using social media. You can determine the target audience first.

3. Decide which social media to use
After identifying the audience of your business, the next step is to determine the social media you will use. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or something else. In addition, you can do research in advance about the suitability of the social media that will be used with your audience. For example, based on age and gender.

After doing research and finding suitable social media, you will easily determine which social media to use. For example, you have a target audience with an average age of 25 years old who work as private employees, so there’s nothing wrong with trying to use Instagram to share promotional content. Apart from age and gender, you can also determine the use of social media based on the suitability of the content you want to share. Is it in the form of video content, images, or just promotional information?

4. Decide what type of content to share
If you already know the social media that will be used, then the next step is to determine the content you want to share with the audience. You can also use more than one social media, if the form of content to be shared is in accordance with the targeted audience. Whether it’s about entertainment, news, the latest research, or something else. In addition, you can package the content to make it more interesting and different from the others, such as video essays or infographics.

For example, say you have an audience of 35-49 years old, and work as academics or lecturers. You can use Twitter by providing content about the latest research in the form of infographics or threads.

Strategies for a Successful Dropshipping Business – As we all know now, there are more and more people who are very happy to be able to start their own business without involving many people in it. One type of business that is safe for many people today is a dropshipper. In addition to the high public interest in online shopping, of course, it is accompanied by the growth of online shop sellers who are increasingly mushrooming. Many sellers have made fantastic profits by selling their wares through the marketplace or social media.
One way to start an online business is to start as a dropshipper. Becoming a dropshipper requires minimal capital because there is no need to keep stock of goods. When the dropshipper receives an order, the item is immediately sent by the supplier to the buyer using the store name or the dropshipper’s personal name.

Strategies for a Successful Dropshipping Business

Define Target Market
The first step to become a dropshipper is to determine the target market. You can’t just sell something you don’t even know who’s going to buy it? Hence, you have to define your target market and find out their needs.
For example, if you are targeting school children, you can research the items that are trending among them or their current needs so that the items you sell will sell well.

Looking for a Trusted Supplier
Next is to find a reliable supplier. Keep in mind, you should only set one product, don’t sell many types of goods. Because it will make it difficult for your business florenceetfils to compete with competitors who sell specific products.
In addition, selling one product will make it easier to find a supplier that matches your shop specialist. For example, you want to sell clothing products, you will focus on finding suppliers who are already superior in the fashion field. Make sure, you get a supplier who really has high-quality products, this can be seen through the rating from the store.

Understand the Products for sale
As a seller, you should understand your product. You can learn about products from related suppliers, what are their characteristics, advantages, and so on. This will make it easier for you to answer questions asked by buyers.

Pay Attention to Store Profile
Even if you are only a dropshipper, don’t let your online store go unnoticed, okay? Store profiles will be ogled by consumers. If your store is not convincing, buyers will hesitate to order at your store.
What you have to pay attention to is to set a store name or you can use your own personal name, use an attractive store profile photo, include additional information such as store operating hours, open from what time to close at what time.

Modify Product Photos As Interesting As Possible
It’s true that a dropshipper has received product photos from suppliers, but there’s nothing wrong if you modify or edit the photo to make it much more interesting. This is done in order to attract buyers. Keep in mind, the dropshipper from the supplier of your choice is not just your store, so the photos provided by the supplier are the same as other dropshippers.
You can edit product photos using Photoshop or other photo applications. By editing the background, photo brightness, adding your own store watermark, and so on according to your creativity.