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How to Get Rid of Pet Odors at Home – Many people keep pets to accompany them or to look after their homes. But sometimes the smell of animals is very strong and can interfere with our respiratory system. Here’s a powerful way to get rid of animal odors at home

1. Clean the room regularly
Of course you can’t control the dirt or fur that comes from your pet, especially if it suddenly falls.

Therefore, the thing that can be done is to clean everything regularly. If sweeping is difficult to remove the existing hair, then you can choose a vacuum.

A cleaner with a strong suction power will be able to lift animal hair even if it is stuck on the carpet. Existing hair and dirt can trigger an unpleasant odor.

How to Get Rid of Pet Odors at Home

2. Bathing pets regularly
Not only the room that needs to be cleaned, but you also need to keep your pet clean and healthy.

This can be done by bathing them regularly, so your pet will avoid bad odors. Especially for pets who are often invited to go outside, such as dogs.

If you have invited him out of the house, try to bathe him again regularly so that the dirt and dust that sticks can be removed.

You can bathe them at home or take them to the pet shop to be bathed there. That way, your pet will still smell good and clean when they are at home.

3. Using baking soda
For those of you who like to make cakes, you must be familiar with this one food ingredient.

Besides being useful for cooking and baking, baking soda is effective in eliminating pet odors, you know! Baking soda will work as a neutralizing odor odor from pets. Therefore, you can consider storing baking soda at home.

The method required to use baking soda is also very easy. You just need to sprinkle it around the bed or pet’s favorite place.

Let stand for a few minutes, then clean with a vacuum. That way, the unpleasant odor will be removed effectively.

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4. Vinegar can reduce bad odors
Still around kitchen ingredients, you can also use vinegar as a substitute for baking soda.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the dose when you want to use vinegar. If you use too much, the pungent smell of vinegar will replace the presence of pet odors, even if it’s just as bad for smell.

Alternatively, you need to mix it with a little water to make it more runny.

After that, spray the vinegar mixture on the carpet or floor where the smell is coming from. You can also mix it with baking soda for a stronger odor remover.

5. Cleaning pet beds
It is unavoidable, that the bed or pet play area is the biggest producer of odors. Therefore, this area must be the center of attention in maintaining cleanliness around the house.

Clean and wash the sheets, pillows, even blankets that you use for pets. If you have a cat, change the litter in the litter box once a month.

You can also sprinkle baking soda and mix it with the existing sand.

4 Responsibilities Towards Pets 4 Responsibilities Towards Pets

4 Responsibilities Towards Pets – In keeping a pet, you will definitely be responsible for it. Whatever your animal wants, you must be able to obey and fulfill it. You also want your animals to always be healthy

1. Physical exercise

Exercise is an important part of a pet’s life. To keep dogs physically fit, they need to be trained by walking, running, playing catch, or chasing a ball. Meanwhile, for cats, they need interactive games, such as balls. Some cats also enjoy walking outside, of course with the help of a leash to keep them from escaping.

In addition to pets, accompanying pets to do this activity also has additional benefits for animal owners. However, it’s a good idea to consult with your veterinarian first before introducing your pet to a new sport.

2. Prevention of parasites

Liver worms, fleas, roundworms, hookworms are a series of nasty parasites that often attack pets. Dogs and cats are susceptible to all of these parasites and some of them can be transmitted silently from pets to humans.

There are several methods that can be used to prevent pets from contracting this parasite. One of the easiest and cheapest is to use oral medication. Apart from that, there are also topical medications and injections that you can give your pet. It’s a simple way to keep pets and families safe and save money on long-term health costs.

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3. Provide regular health checks

Just like humans, pets also need regular health checks. So, make sure you schedule regular checkups on your pets in addition to when they are sick.

Through regular health checks, you will be able to find out if there are health problems as early as possible and treat them immediately before they get worse. To make the doctor’s experience even more enjoyable, give your pet delicious treats during or after the exam.

4. Ensure emotional well-being

The emotional well-being of pets is very important to consider. There are several things you can do to make sure your pet is happy and stress-free:

Provide enough daily exercise to maintain pet’s physical fitness
Evaluate their diet, make sure you give them enough food, not too much or too little
Provide adequate emotional and intellectual stimulation, one of which is by providing new interactive toys

Taking care of emotional health can also be done by petting and playing regularly, talking to pets, and spending time together every day. Also make sure you provide a pleasant environment for pets.

Wild Animals Made Pets – Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all groups, along with wild animals that are kept as pets.

The term “pets” is often used to describe cute animals that can be lap and petted. For example, cats, dogs, rabbits, or even hamsters. They are indeed very suitable as friends to play at home.

But now the term is getting wider along with the growing public interest in animals. Not only cute, now even many wild animals are made pets. What are you curious about? Come on, see the following!

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Wild Animals Made Pets

1. Sugar glider

Did you know that this cute little one was originally a wild animal? Sugar gliders are marsupials that are related to kangaroos. At first, they lived a lot in the forest, on top of a tall tree with a hole.

But now, sugar gliders have been successfully domesticated to become domestic animals. The treatment is not difficult. They have no smell, are very clean, and do not need a bath. For food, you must provide fruit and vegetables combined with animal supplements.

But you need to give them a house with tree trunks so they can adapt well. Also keep in mind that sugar gliders are nocturnal animals. So don’t be surprised if they are more active at night.

2. Fox fennec

Its large ears and sparkling eyes, it’s hard not to fall in love with a fennec fox. They are the smallest and tame species of fox so it is not difficult to get used to living with humans.

His personality is similar to that of dogs and cats. They love to play, are friendly, active, and interact with humans. Even so, they are among the high maintenance animals. This means you have to be extra patient and patient in caring for it.

They still have strong wild instincts that are prone to escape. Fennec foxes are also nocturnal animals, so they can be noisy at night.

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3. Snakes

Snakes have their own charm that many people want to keep them as pets. Even so, not all types of snakes can be kept. You can only take care of species that are not venomous.

In addition, the snake must be tamed first so that it can be comfortable around humans. If you are a beginner, you should go for the corn snake, rosy boa, garter snake, or kingsnake. They are quite benign and do not need complicated treatment.

4. Wallaby

Wallabies are marsupials that live in Australia. Until now, many wallabies live in forests, to be precise in bushes, swamps and grasslands. However, this cute animal has been tamed and used as a pet.

This kangaroo-like animal needs a lot of space to play and run around. They also love to play hide and seek, so make sure you have some bush for them.

Although relatively easy to maintain, wallabies have a number of strange habits. For example, drooling, licking hands, and vomiting food. Well, you as an employer have to get used to it, huh!

How to Treat Betta Fish How to Treat Betta Fish

How To Treat Betta Fish – You need to know that Betta fish have treatments look easy but sometimes difficult. Betta fish are divided into 3 groups, namely, ornamental bettas, complaint bettas, and wild bettas. Betta fish are very popular fighting fish because of their aggressiveness. In addition, the maintenance costs are relatively cheap and the characteristics are not interactive. The characteristics of betta fish include mouth breeders , namely, they incubate their eggs in their mouths and build their nests with foam, known as bubble nest. Usually this fish is very liked by young children.

In order to have a long life, find out how to care for ornamental betta fish here.

1. Choose the Right Container Size
Betta fish can live in any size tank, but it is best to keep them in small containers. For example, 20 x 15 x 15 cm in diameter. You can add small rocks or fake plants to make it look more colorful.

2. Water for Betta Fish
Caring for betta fish is highly recommended to use fresh water. Because, this type of water has characteristics that are not much different from the original habitat of Betta fish, namely, rice fields and swamps. However, if there is no well water, you can use only PAM water.Let the water sit in the bucket before adding the fish. Avoid using chloramine and chlorine as they are dangerous for Betta fish.3. How to care for a betta fish in terms of water volume
If you are using a container for a betta fish without a lid, you should only fill it with about 40% water. This is useful for avoiding the betta fish from jumping out.

4. How to Put Betta Fish in a New Container
Care for your betta fish must be done with care so that they do not die. Also, don’t change the water drastically. Better to mix the old water with the new one. This will make it easier for the betta to adjust to the water. Also avoid using fishing nets as this can damage the delicate fins.

5. Replacing Betta
Fish WaterLaunching from the Read On page , please first move the betta fish into a temporary storage container. Move the fish with a special sieve, do not use your hands as this can damage their beautiful fins and tail. The way to care for betta fish so they don’t die is to clean the fish container from dirt and mucus that sticks. Do not wash it with soap or detergent as this can poison the Betta fish. Just clean it with a sponge until it’s clean. If there are stones and other accessories, clean them too. When finished, please refill with water then wait a few moments so that the water is in accordance with room temperature. After that, please re-enter the betta fish. Change the water at least 3 days. You can also change the water every two days or even every day. It is said that betta fish will grow much better if we are diligent in changing the water every day.

6. Dry the Betta
How to care for a betta fish so that it has a good color is to dry it. This activity aims to make the fish fresher as well as kill bacteria and fungi that are on the skin and its container. Dry it occasionally, except for the dominant black betta fish. Should not be dried in the sun because it will make him panic. Drying is done at 8 to 10 am for just 15-30 minutes. If your betta looks panicked when he is drying in the sun, then quickly move it to the shade until he feels comfortable again.