Livestock Business with Small Capital Livestock Business with Small Capital

Livestock Business with Small Capital – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from reliable sources, along with livestock businesses with small capital.

Be grateful that we live in Indonesia, because our country is rich in biological natural resources, ranging from various types of animals to many plants that live in this archipelago.

Likewise with the fauna in the archipelago, there are many animals that grow in Indonesia, ranging from marine, land and air animals. This is because Indonesia’s geographical location only has 2 seasons, namely the dry and rainy seasons or tropical climates.

And the effect is that almost all living things including livestock can live in Indonesia with tropical climate. Maybe some of you want to try to do livestock business, but only have minimal capital and narrow land for raising livestock. Don’t worry, because in this article I will provide a solution.

To start a livestock business does not only require large capital and land for large pens, because we can also use small land with cheap capital to start a livestock business. We can use the land behind the house or in the yard to get started.

The following are some of the most profitable livestock animals with small capital and of course harvest quickly, and provide many benefits.
Promising Livestock Business with Small Capital

1. Raising Chickens

You are no stranger to this animal named chicken. Meat from chicken is often used as the basis for various delicious and delicious food preparations. Besides the meat, you can also take advantage of the eggs. Even chicken is the most popular meat, this is because the price is cheap but rich in nutrients.

In other words, the chicken farming business is a very promising business in the future. Because besides getting income from the meat, you can also sell the eggs to increase your profit even more. In the chicken farming business itself is divided into 3 types, including the following:
A. Livestock Laying hens

Raising laying hens is the same as raising any other animal. The consumption of eggs in Indonesia is increasing day by day, not only for consumption by the public but also for a more valuable product, for example mayonnaise.

Laying chicken farming is relatively easy, because you only provide simple food and maintenance. You also don’t need to bother removing and inserting chickens from the coop.
B. Chickens

This type of business is still being watched by many young entrepreneurs, but not a few have left this type of business, perhaps because of a lack of knowledge about this business. Our country still needs a lot of chicken meat.

Usually cut chicken is used to supply restaurants, hotels, and other culinary places. And many are able to stay in this business until they finally get tremendous success.
C. Village Chicken Livestock

Unlike domestic or slaughtered chickens, native chickens require a longer time. Many people like this chicken meat. But the people who sell it are only certain breeders. In addition, you should also raise Bangkok chickens.

Why ? Because if we raise Bangkok chickens our market scope will be even wider. People who like Bangkok chickens or fighters usually have very many friends and are easy to work with as business partners.

2. Rabbit Farming Business

Rabbit enthusiasts are not only used to consuming them, but also to be used as pets again for people who like this animal, also many enthusiasts ranging from children to adults.

Maybe the price of a consumption rabbit is not as expensive as a rabbit to keep, but the price is still more expensive than other small animals.

The price of local rabbits on the market at the stake is around Rp. 120,000 to Rp. 150,000 a pair and Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 35,000 per head for rabbits aged 2–3 months. The age of local rabbits is also quite long, reaching 5 to 10 years.

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3. Guinea pigs

Unlike rabbits, guinea pigs are easier and faster to practice, but the selling price is also cheaper. Usually guinea pigs are sold for maintenance and consumption. One example of processed food made from guinea pigs is satay.

4. Ducks

Duck meat is very popular with many people. Besides that, you also get double income. Besides raising ducks, you will also be able to use duck eggs for you to process them back into salted eggs. This can be likened to diving while drinking water. The price of duck meat is still relatively expensive, which is around Rp. 42,000.

In retrospect, nowadays people rarely need ducks. However, if you are already in the world of duck farming, you will not think that duck farming is also very profitable.

The Benefits Of Raising Livestock The Benefits Of Raising Livestock

The Benefits Of Raising Livestock – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from reliable sources, here are the benefits of raising livestock.

How to raise animals

Important things regarding livestock must be understood, especially in this regard, the community includes business actors, traders of livestock and their products, merchants, and entrepreneurs of slaughterhouses / poultry. Ways of raising animals include:

1. Provide healthy food.
2. Maintain cleanliness of animal bodies.
3. Make a clean, comfortable cage.
4. Clean the cage regularly.
5. Let sunlight into the cage.
6. Give vaccines regularly.
7. cage made with sufficient area.
8. Regular health checks.

Benefits of Farm Animals for Human Life

Soil is fertile that can receive water and grow food, so other people can benefit and can also feed their livestock. Livestock are kept because they have many benefits for humans.

Farm animals produce meat, eggs, skins, milk and fur. In addition, livestock can also be used for transportation and plowing fields. Chickens and cows are livestock that are beneficial to humans. What can chickens and cows produce? Chickens and ducks can produce eggs as well as meat. Likewise, cows and goats can produce meat and milk. The benefits of livestock for human life include:

1. As a source of animal protein

Farm animals can be taken eggs, meat, and milk. Example: cows (meat and milk), chickens (meat and eggs), birds (eggs), rabbits (meat), ducks (meat and eggs), and so on.

2. As a means of transportation

Livestock can be useful for carrying heavy human loads onto land that cannot be reached safely unless it is a very strenuous effort. For example buffalo, horses, elephants, camels, and others.

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3. As a hobby

Bones and horns of livestock can be used as decoration or handicraft. Farm animals can also be used as a hobby. Examples: birds, rabbits, ornamental fish, and others. Betta fish are the easiest to care for.

4. Its fur is to warm

Farm animal hair can warm the human body. We need to pay attention that the skin and hair of livestock can be used. However, wild animal skins are prohibited from using it even if it’s just for oh dear floors. Leather or hair of livestock that are easier to cultivate, such as sheep, goats, or cows, can replace the skins and hairs of rare animals. You can also wear synthetic leather or fur that is made as closely as possible the original.

5. Strength for plowing the fields

In addition to increasing family welfare, raising livestock is used to help smooth livelihood activities, for example cows or buffalo to cultivate agricultural land. Cows or buffalo can be used for their energy to plow fields.

The Most Dangerous Animal The Most Dangerous Animal

The Most Dangerous Animal – The following is an article that discusses a list of the most dangerous wild animals in the world, which has been summarized from trusted sources.

Many animal species have a beautiful or cute appearance that is actually dangerous to the point of killing humans. Here are some lists of deadly animals in the world.

In this world, in fact, many animals live side by side with other humans.

Some of these animals are very dangerous to death.

Never underestimate the animals which are discussed below.

Reporting from the Science Alert page, here are some lists of the deadliest animals in the world.

7 Deadly Animals Most Dangerous in the World

1. African Honey Bee

The Africanized bee or killer bee is descended from the southern African bee imported in 1956 by Brazilian scientists.

The scientists are trying to breed honey bees that can better adapt to tropical South America.

Due to the overly defensive nature of African honey bees they are very easy to react to disturbances.

This extremely brutal deadly animal hurts its disturbers including the sound or even the vibration of the vehicle.

2. Fish Synanceia

Furthermore, this deadly animal is the most venomous fish among all the fish in the sea
This synanceia has a deadly neurotoxin that can be fatal to humans.

This deadly poison resides along the thorns on its back.

It is difficult to know this fish because it is very similar to the shape of the rock and sand mixture on the ocean floor.

Synanceia could result in death if not treated within two hours.

3. Poisonous Golden Arrow Frog

This deadly animal originates from the Pacific coast of Colombia.

This poisonous gold box has a beautiful appearance but is apparently the deadliest and most poisonous animal.

This golden poison dart frog is small enough that it can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

The poison is contained in the secretions of his skin which can kill 10 to 20 people or two African elephants at once

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4. Pufferfish

Furthermore, this deadly animal is called puffer fish.

This puffer fish naturally has tetrodotoxin in its body.

Tetrodotoxin is one of nature’s most fatal poisons where it is 10 thousand times more dangerous than cyanide.

This extremely deadly poison will react to the victim in less than half an hour.

Tips for Caring for Snakes Tips for Caring for Snakes

Tips for Caring for Snakes – The following is an article that discusses how to care for snakes properly and correctly, which has been summarized from trusted sources.

World Snake Day is commemorated every 16 July 2020. This celebration is held to raise awareness of various species of reptiles around the world.

Currently, some people who like reptiles keep snakes as their pets. Even though it looks terrible, but this one reptile is actually quite interesting to keep.


So, for those of you who are new or want to try to raise snakes, you should understand very well how to care for them. The reason is that caring for snakes is not easy and requires special care.

1. Prepare essential equipment

Pet snakes need a cage, and a hiding place in it. Small snakes will become agitated when faced with a space that is too large.

In general, arboreal snakes need a tall cage while land-dwelling snakes need one that is wide. Choose the type of snake before shopping for supplies. The most important thing is to buy and prepare a cage before you buy a snake.

2. Sports

Pet snakes don’t need a lot of exercise. Let them do what they like with the equipment provided. Some large snakes like to swim in safe wading pools from time to time.

3. Feeding

All snakes are carnivores. They eat meat. In fact, they eat the meat whole, with all the bones and internal organs. Many types of domestic snakes eat mice. Some snakes eat amphibians, while the smallest snakes may eat large insects.

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4. Care

Care is very important when the snake is shedding its skin. If the temperature and humidity are right, then all is well. They can even take care of themselves.

5. Handling

Many pet snakes have learned to tame. But you shouldn’t try to tame him by hand until you’ve managed to eat at least four meals in his new home.

How to Treat Betta Fish How to Treat Betta Fish

How To Treat Betta Fish – You need to know that Betta fish have treatments look easy but sometimes difficult. Betta fish are divided into 3 groups, namely, ornamental bettas, complaint bettas, and wild bettas. Betta fish are very popular fighting fish because of their aggressiveness. In addition, the maintenance costs are relatively cheap and the characteristics are not interactive. The characteristics of betta fish include mouth breeders , namely, they incubate their eggs in their mouths and build their nests with foam, known as bubble nest. Usually this fish is very liked by young children.

In order to have a long life, find out how to care for ornamental betta fish here.

1. Choose the Right Container Size
Betta fish can live in any size tank, but it is best to keep them in small containers. For example, 20 x 15 x 15 cm in diameter. You can add small rocks or fake plants to make it look more colorful.

2. Water for Betta Fish
Caring for betta fish is highly recommended to use fresh water. Because, this type of water has characteristics that are not much different from the original habitat of Betta fish, namely, rice fields and swamps. However, if there is no well water, you can use only PAM water.Let the water sit in the bucket before adding the fish. Avoid using chloramine and chlorine as they are dangerous for Betta fish.3. How to care for a betta fish in terms of water volume
If you are using a container for a betta fish without a lid, you should only fill it with about 40% water. This is useful for avoiding the betta fish from jumping out.

4. How to Put Betta Fish in a New Container
Care for your betta fish must be done with care so that they do not die. Also, don’t change the water drastically. Better to mix the old water with the new one. This will make it easier for the betta to adjust to the water. Also avoid using fishing nets as this can damage the delicate fins.

5. Replacing Betta
Fish WaterLaunching from the Read On page , please first move the betta fish into a temporary storage container. Move the fish with a special sieve, do not use your hands as this can damage their beautiful fins and tail. The way to care for betta fish so they don’t die is to clean the fish container from dirt and mucus that sticks. Do not wash it with soap or detergent as this can poison the Betta fish. Just clean it with a sponge until it’s clean. If there are stones and other accessories, clean them too. When finished, please refill with water then wait a few moments so that the water is in accordance with room temperature. After that, please re-enter the betta fish. Change the water at least 3 days. You can also change the water every two days or even every day. It is said that betta fish will grow much better if we are diligent in changing the water every day.

6. Dry the Betta
How to care for a betta fish so that it has a good color is to dry it. This activity aims to make the fish fresher as well as kill bacteria and fungi that are on the skin and its container. Dry it occasionally, except for the dominant black betta fish. Should not be dried in the sun because it will make him panic. Drying is done at 8 to 10 am for just 15-30 minutes. If your betta looks panicked when he is drying in the sun, then quickly move it to the shade until he feels comfortable again.

Trik-Jitu-Menang-Mix-Parlay-Over-under Trik-Jitu-Menang-Mix-Parlay-Over-under

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Tentunya harusnya kalian sudah mengetahui apa permainan over under. Nah bagaimana dengan permainan Mix Parlay ? Mix parlay adalah salah satu jenis permainan judi bola dengan menggabungkan minimal 3 partai yang kalian tebak boleh Handicap Match, Over Under, Odd Even ataupun correct score secara benar. Apa bedanya dengan permainan biasa ?

Dalam Permainan Mix Parlay apabila kalian menebak secara benar semua sejumlah pertandingan kalian akan mendapatkan perkalian odd yang besar. Besar kecilnya perkalian tergantung juga dengan banyak nya partai yang kalian pilih. Semakin banyak partai sepakbola yang kalian pilih dan apabila benar semua bahkan perkalian bisa mencapai puluhan kali bahkan ratusan. Dengan modal misal hanya 100.000 kalian bisa bahkan mendapatkan berjuta juta dalam permainan mix parlay. Kalaupun kalah ya hanya 100 ribu. Menggiurkan bukan ?

Sebagai contoh di bawah ini :

Pada gambar diatas dapat kalian lihat , terdapat 7 partai pertandingan sepak bola yang dipilih. Dengan hanya bermain 100rb saja, apabila dalam prediksi diatas benar semua. Maka yang akan di dapatkan adalah perkalian @100.452

Hal ini dapat diartikan bahwa apabila menang semua maka kamu akan mendapatkan 10.045.200 termasuk modal. Kamu mendapatkan kemenangan sebesar 9.945.200. Wow bukan ? Hanya dengan modal kecil kamu bisa mendapatkan kemenangan 100 x lipat hanya dengan 7 partai.

Perlu ketelitian dan analisa yang tinggi agar kamu bisa mendapatkan kemenangan dalam permainan mixparlay ini. Hal ini dikarenakan apabila kamu kalah 1 pertandingan maka kamu otomatis akan gagal alias kalah. Walaupun ada perhitungan kalah setengah ataupun menang setengah. Tapi tentunya besar perkalian akan berbeda. Nah dibawah ini akan kami berikan tips ampuh agar kamu bisa menang dalam permainan Mix Parlay Over Under :

Tips Over Under
Pastikan kamu juga sudah mengetahui tips ampuh cara bermain Over under agar kamu bisa menang di single match yang telah kami bagikan sebelum postingan ini. Dengan menerapkan semua yang telah di berikan yakin bahwa kamu akan dengan mudah menebak minimal 3 pertandingan.

Asuransi Bola
Asuransi Bola apa itu ? Sama seperti asuransi dalam kehidupan nyata. Asuransi dalam bola dapat diartikan adalah kamu menjaga kemenangan kamu agar apapun hasilnya kamu tetap terhitung menang. Seperti dalam contoh mix parlay diatas, apabila 6 partai telah kamu menangkan secara penuh. Maka bersiap siap lah dengan membuat asuransi. Sebagai contoh : pertandingan terakhir adalah Arab vs Ismaily. Secara hitungan apabila hasil pertandingan tersebut adalah over maka kamu akan menang 10juta bukan ? Akan tetapi apabila kamu kalah, maka kamu akan mendapatkan 0.

Sayang bukan jika hanya salah 1 pertandingan terakhir 10 juta di depan mata melayang. Nah kamu bisa bermain Asuransi dengan cara memegang Under 2 sebesar 1 – 5 juta. Misalnya kamu bertaruh 1 juta untuk under. Kenapa ? Walaupun apapun hasil dari pertandingan tersebut kamu akan mendapatkan kemenangan.

Misalnya hasil pertandingan trsebut adalah over maka kamu akan mendapatkan 10 juta – 1 juta (asuransi) : kamu mendaptakn kemenangan 9 juta

Misalnya hasil pertandingan tersebut adalah under maka asuransi kamu berhasil dan kamu tetap menang . 1 juta – 100 rb : 900rb . Mengertikan ?

Oleh sebab itu walaupun kamu bermain mix parlay kamu juga harus melihat dan mengamati hasil dari pertandingan yang kamu mainkan. Cara diatas, hanya berlaku pada pertandingan terakhir saja. Jangan setiap partai kamu asuransikan , bukan keuntungan yang kamu dapat malah mungkin rugi besar yang kamu dapatkan.

Pasaran Normal
Banyak pengalaman ataupun banyak kekalahan yang didapatkan dari mix parlay adalah para player bermain karena melihat perkalian yang besar sehingga seharusnya menang yang didapat malah berbalik jadi kalah. Oleh sebab itu sangat disarankan untuk kamu bermain dengan pasaran normal. Pasaran normal adalah pasaran yang terletak di posisi paling atas dalam bursa pasaran. Jangan melihat bahwa perkaliannya hanya 1.70 ataupun hanya 1.80. Dengan naik 1/4 or 1/2 maka perkalian akan menjadi 2.sekian. Akan tetapi dengan penaikan 1/4 ataupun 1/2 maka hasil dari pertandingan akan berbeda hitungannya

Jangan hanya bermain Mix Parlay
Perlu kamu tau bahwa mix parlay bukanlah permainan inti dari judi bola online. Mix parlay adalah permainan yang seharusnya kamu mainkan hanya ketika kamu memiliki waktu yang lebih untuk menganalisa. Oleh sebab itu mix parlay sering dijadikan sebagai jenis permainan pilihan alternatif.

Sangat disarankan untuk kamu tidak hanya mengandalkan menang hanya dari mix parlay saja. Kecuali jika kamu dari 10 percobaan dan kamu bisa menang 5 diantaranya. Tetap mainkan Over Under di single match ataupun handicap match sebagai ladang uang kamu.

Situs Bola Terlengkap dan terpercaya

Untuk bermain Mix Parlay Over Under yang diperlukan salah satunya adalah dengan bermain Live juga. Pastikan kamu bermain di situs bola yang memang menyediakan pertandingan live dan terbuka untuk parlay. Jika situs bola kamu tidak memiliki mix parlay live percuma kalian juga tidak bisa memainkannya bukan ? Karena tidak semua situs bola membuka Mix parlay live dikarenakan memang banyak yang menang dari sana.

Demikian Tips Ampuh Cara Menang Mix Parlay Over Under. Apabila kamu menerapkan dengan benar semua cara cara diatas, pasti bahwa kamu akan dapat menang besar dengan mix parlay. Cara cara tersebut sudah puluhan tahun digunakan dan memang terbukti sampai sekarang masih berguna. So ? Tunggu apa lagi ? Mainkan dan menangkan


Bermain online terasa judi kasino seperti aslinya, apakah mungkin? Tentu saja hal ini bisa terjadi. Perjudian seperti rolet, sicbo, dragon tiger, dan yang lainnya, Anda dapat bermain sama seperti dalam perjudian asli. Perjudian kasino adalah tempat, di mana semua permainan judi yang tersedia sehingga Anda tidak perlu mencari lagi.

Pertama Bermain Judi Casino Online Dan Dapatkan Keuntungan
Di era saat ini, permainan kasino perjudian situs yang hadir dalam, dengan berbagai permainan yang tentunya menarik dan disertai dengan bonus pula. Anda bisa mendapatkan keuntungan ketika perjudian, jika anggaran selalu disesuaikan setiap hari. Selain itu, daftar anggota sangat mudah untuk bermain judi kasino di website.

Dealer Live Casino Online di Situs Casino
Mengapa bermain di sebuah kasino online terasa seperti di tempat aslinya? Jawabannya adalah karena ada dealer asli yang melakukan hidup untuk memandu Anda berjudi. website handal, sangat total dalam memberikan pelayanan kepada semua anggota, termasuk menyediakan dealer hidup. Meskipun hanya saling memandang dan melihat melalui layar, tetapi Anda dapat berinteraksi dengan dealer, meskipun hanya tentang permainan sedang berlangsung. kasino perjudian hidup mereka dimanfaatkan sepenuhnya oleh pemain untuk mendapatkan sensasi permainan kasino nyata tempat-tempat seperti, meskipun dimainkan secara online.

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Trik Untuk Win Mudah di Casino Perjudian Situs Online Terpercaya
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Trik Menang Dalam BermainJoker338 Online

Strategi pertama adalah memilih bandar. Jangan sampai kamu sembarangan dalam menentukan bandar untuk tempat main joker338 online. Karena belakangan banyak juga beredar bandar judi yang abal-abal bahkan cenderung menipu. Ada beberapa bandar yang tidak mau membayarkan kemenangan kepada membernya. Oleh karena itu, kamu harus waspada perihal pemilihan bandar ini.

Pilihlah bandar judi joker online yang terbaik dan terbesar. Pastikan bandar tersebut memiliki reputasi yang bagus dan sudah resmi. Memilih bandar dengan kriteria tersebut akan membawa kamu pada pengalaman perjudian yang maksimal. Tentunya ini akan mempermudah kamu dalam mendapatkan keuntungan sesuai dengan keinginan. Adapun tips berikutnya, yakni mencari juga bandar dengan bonus yang tinggi.

Bonus adalah salah satu keunggulan saat kamu mainkan joker338 secara online. Jika mainkan di kasino tentu kamu tidak akan bisa menikmati bonus-bonus seperti ini. Oleh sebab itu, pastikan kamu memaksimalkan potensi ini. Cari bandar judi joker online yang memiliki penawaran bonus tinggi. Jangan berhenti disitu saja, maksimalkan juga bonus tersebut.

Bonus-bonus pada bandar judi online itu sangatlah potensial untuk dimanfaatkan. Kamu bisa manfaatkannya sebagai tambahan modal maupun keuntungan, seperti misalnya saja dari bonus refferal. Dengan memaksimalkan jenis bonus ini, kamu bisa mendapatkan banyak keuntungan tanpa perlu keluar modal sedikitpun. Jadi jangan sampai kamu mengesampingkan bonus-bonus yang diberikan oleh bandar.

Tentukan Target Kemenangan

Trik selanjutnya yang jangan sampai terlupakan adalah menentukan target kemenangan. Sudah semestinya bagi kamu yang ingin sukses dalam perjudian juga harus mengubah sudut pandang kamu terhadap perjudian. Jangan memandang perjudian sebagai hal remeh lagi. Pandanglah perjudian sepadan dengan trading forex atau saham. Jadi kamu juga harus memanajemen keuangan kamu dengan baik.

Salah satu langkahnya adalah melalui penentuan target kemenangan. Memasang target kemenangan akan sangat berguna dalam mewujudkan keinginan kamu. Tentukan target kamu sendiri, namun jangan asal pasang target. Target yang kamu tetapkan juga harus realistis sesuai dengan kemampuan kamu masing-masing. Target kemenangan ini bisa ditetapkan per minggu agar bisa berjalan lebih mudah.

Target Kekalahan Dengan Sangat Jelas

Selain target kemenangan, strategi jitu berikutnya agar mudah menang adalah pasang target kekalahan. Ini tidak kalah penting dari target kemenangan. Fungsi target kekalahan ini untuk mengontrol arus modal kamu. Dengan adanya target kekalahan, modal yang kamu miliki bisa lebih terkontrol dan tidak mudah bangkrut. Sama halnya target kemenangan, tentukan target kekalahan per minggu.

Baik pada target kemenangan dan target kekalahan, kamu harus patuh pada aturan. Maksudnya, dalam penentuan target ini kamu tidak boleh melebihi target. Jika dalam 1 hari saja, target kemenangan atau kekalahan sudah mencapai batasnya, mau tidak mau kamu harus berhenti main. Lakukan permainan lagi pada putaran berikutnya. Hal ini nantinya akan sangat berpengaruh.

Persiapkan Waktu Yang Cukup

Strategi terbaik berikutnya adalah mempersiapkan modal yang cukup. Sudah pasti sebagai penjudi kamu harus memiliki modal berupa uang. Tanpa memiliki uang modal kamu tidak akan bisa main judi. Modal ini jangan sembarangan, tentukan modal dengan bagus dan tepat karena itu akan membantu kamu memenangkan permainan. Mengapa besarnya modal sangat penting?

Misalnya saja kamu main dengan modal terlalu kecil, itu akan berdampak buruk pada kamu. Karena ketika itu terjadi, kalah sedikit saja kamu sudah bingung. Itu adalah efek psikologis yang akan diterima, begitu juga dengan modal yang telalu besar. Modal yang terlalu besar akan membuat kamu susah mengontrol permainan dan cenderung main dengan sesuka hati.

Jangan Mudah Emosi Ketika Bermain

Trik berikutnya untuk menangkan keuntungan terbesar dari joker online adalah menghindari bermain dengan nafsu. Nafsu dan emosi merupakan musuh terbesar dalam perjudian, entah itu joker online ataupun lainnya. Jadi ketika kamu main judi, sudah semestinya kamu harus bisa mengendalikan nafsu dan emosi kamu. Jangan sampai kamu dikendalikan oleh nafsu dan emosi kamu sendiri.

Tentu dibutuhkan waktu lama untuk melatih pengendalian nafsu dan emosi ini. Namun, ada cara yang akan membantu kamu untuk lebih mudah dalam mengendalikan nafsu juga emosi ini. Kamu bisa menghindari bermain saat mood sedang buruk. Karena pada kondisi tersebut, emosi cenderung labil dan sulit untuk dikontrol, lebih baik kamu main saat mood sedang bagus.

Jangan Lupa Menikmati Keuntungan

Tips berikutnya adalah tidak lupa menikmati keuntungan. Setiap kali kamu bermain, tentu target kamu adalah keuntungan. Namun banyak juga dari kalangan pemain yang terlalu fokus dengan keuntungan sehingga lupa untuk menikmatinya. Padahal menikmati keuntungan ini sangat penting untuk menjaga motivasi kamu saat bermain. Jadi sebisa mungkin untuk meluangkan waktu guna menikmati keuntungan yang sudah didapatkan.

Sisishkan Waktu Untuk Istirahat

Tips terakhir adalah jangan terlalu fokus pada permainan. Jika dalam satu minggu kamu tidak mendapatkan keuntungan sama sekali, itu bukan berarti kamu harus terus bermain. Luangkan waktu untuk me-refresh otak kamu. Dengan cara ini, pada putaran berikutnya, kamu bisa bertarung dengan kekuatan yang lebih maksimal. Oleh karenanya jaga intensitas kamu dalam bermain.

Itu dia 8 tips jitu untuk memenangkan permainan joker338 online. Sebenarnya masih ada satu tips lagi yang akan membantu kamu yakni tidak fokus pada satu permainan saja. Berpindah-pindah jenis permainan akan mempermudah kamu meraup untung. Jika kamu terapkan semua trik ini, tentu untung besar bukan lagi hal sulit.

3-Easy-ways-to-care-for-a-pet-cat 3-Easy-ways-to-care-for-a-pet-cat

rogerspetsOne of the benefits that you can get from owning a pet is that your mental health can be maintained. One type of animal that you can make a pet is a cat. There are many ways to care for a cat. Starting from providing food, caring for cat fur and limbs, medicine, and so on.

Cat food

One of the basic cat care methods that you need to pay attention to is choosing cat food. Reporting from the Society Against Violence Against Animals (aspca.org), cats must be given quality food.
The need for cat food is adjusted to the age, health level, and the number of activities the cat does. Read the composition of cat food. If there is a composition you don’t know about, ask your vet to keep your cat healthy.

Apart from providing quality cat food, you also need to provide clean water. Make sure clean water for cats to drink is always available, yes. When your cat has diarrhea, vomiting or lethargy for more than two days, take the cat to the vet immediately so it can be treated appropriately.

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Cat Grooming

Mesi always looks clean and doesn’t need a lot of baths, but you should still do some cat grooming. Comb or brush your cat’s hair regularly. You need to do this so that the cat’s fur is always clean and avoid clumping litter.

Aspca.org also advises cat owners to bring their cats to the vet at least once a year. You must do this so that the cat can stay healthy. By visiting the vet, your cat can get regular health checks and injections.

Cat cage

When you have a cat as a pet, you will need to provide a cat enclosure. The cat cage is used as a place to sleep and rest. Aspca.org explains, you can provide a towel or soft blanket in a cat cage.

Don’t forget to clean the cat cage regularly. Also make sure to place a cat cage in your home. If you put your cat cage outside the house, it is feared that the cat will not last long to survive.

Cats that have outdoor kennels are more susceptible to trauma, either from passing vehicles or from other cat attacks. Not only that, fleas are also easier to land on cats that have kennels outside the home.

How-to-Feed-Birds How-to-Feed-Birds

rogerspetsBirds that need to be cared for properly in order to grow healthy, agile and agile. The way of torturing it is by feeding, bathing and drying the birds. Feed is a very important factor in bird maintenance. Like humans, bird feed also needs to meet the “four healthy five perfect” requirements. This means that bird feed must also contain carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The dose in offering the amount of feed must be sufficient, not excessive or deficient. The duration of offering feed is usually twice a day, namely in the morning and during the day. In the morning, offering more feed amounts to eat during the day because birds are more active in eating.

The amount of feed given usually depends on several things, namely bird weight, type of bird feed, age and level of bird metabolism.

How to provide feed can be based on the type of bird. The following is the description.

Kind and offer bird feed

Grain-eating birds
Before being fed, the place where the feed is fed first needs to be cleaned, then the grains are put into the container.  Feeding for this type of bird is done once a day.

Fruit-eating birds
Fruit-eating birds usually prefer bananas when they are not overripe. The banana is hung in the cage by peeling the skin partially first.

For papaya-eating birds, it is recommended that the papaya be given in pieces about three fingers wide and about 10 cm long. Papaya seeds should also be removed first.

Meat-eating birds

The feed given to meat-eating birds is usually chicks, frogs and caterpillars. The meat or offal that is given must be fresh and cut into small pieces first.

How to mix feed

Birds that have a high metabolic rate will consume more feed. This metabolic rate can be seen from whether the bird is active, body size, species and age of the bird.

Birds that are always active in motion require a large amount of food compared to birds that are less active.

Birds with a body weight of 100 – 1,000 g are able to eat up 5-9% of their body weight (in one day).

While babbling birds weighing 10 – 90g require 10-30% of their body weight.

Young birds that are still in the growth stage require more food than adult birds. Chicks can consume as much food as their own body weight.

Birds will not eat food they don’t like. Each bird will choose the preferred food according to habits.

To determine the amount of food ingredients for birds, trial and error should be carried out. First feed it for a period of one day. If the feed is finished, add one more dose. Watch how much is left over, repeat for a week to determine the amount of feed the bird needs in one day.

The mixed feed must be given exactly when the bird needs it. The time of administration should be in the morning when the bird is very hungry.

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Canary Feed Herb
Canaries are an omnivore group with most of their staple food in the form of seeds, vegetables and insects. Common types of grains include barley, radish seeds, mustard seeds, and walnuts.

The seeds should be mixed in a balanced proportion.

Insects that are commonly eaten by walnuts include Kroto. Giving kroto should not be excessive because it can cause hair to fall out. Walnuts can also be given food in the form of egg yolks, squid bones, bone meal and shell fragments.

To strengthen and add to the beauty of the color of their feathers, canaries need to be given special food. For red colored walnuts, the feed needs to be added with grated carrots which contain red pigment (carotene).

Meanwhile, blue or black walnuts are clarified by providing feed in the form of lumatan ranti or leunca containing anthocyanins.

For yellow walnuts, you can add grated turmeric which contains anthocyanins in the feed.

The basic green color of the walnuts can be added to the vegetables because they contain the green leaf pigment (chlorophyll).

This special feed should be given to walnuts during the molting process.